Guide Lines

There will be a general (Standard Operating Procedure) SOP in place and public available for the zebrafish core facility latest when the facility starts its services in summer 2017. This SOP will explain and organize daily routine fish maintainance tasks, the organization and regulation of different fish projects, their reservations, documentation and responsibilities. The SOP will also include clear user rules (with examples) and provisions if the user does not follow these rules.

Responsibility: All users are scientifically responsible and in charge for their own fish projects being taken care of and housed in our zebrafish core facility. Core facility staff is responsible and available for the daily care of the fish, rising of larvae fish and if desired help with fish-egg injections, fish pairings and genotyping if established and planed as such together with the scientist in charge of the project (user). Final screenings and analysis of the fish or fish larvae for the project is not within the responsibility of the core facility.

Costs: It is planed to charge the services of the zebrafish core facility, to compensate purely for the running cost of the facility (not including personnel) so far. At the moment it is planed to charge ~ 7,50- Euro per tank (3.5 l  ~20 adult fish) per month, which will include the use of and help with zebrafish injections already.