The idea of our zebrafish core facility within the medical faculty of the University of Bonn is twice:

  • To give easy access, possibilities and help to all researches to rise, maintain, bread and initially screen and genotype their zebrafish lines of interest within the fish facility (fish-room) of the newly established core facility.
  • To provide expertise, equipment and help to all researchers who plan to do (or have done for them) transient injection experiments into fertilized fish eggs as well as larvae fish for generating and screening transient larvae fish research models as well as generating transgenic zebrafish lines (after application).

For this purpose our zebrafish core facility will be equipped with:

– Freshwater fish-racks providing space for 200 three-liter fish tanks (~ 20 fish each)
– Breeding tanks for daily matings of up to 50 fish-pairs
– Wild type line zebrafish for matings to get fish eggs
– 2 manual fully equipped air pressure fish egg injection setups (with stereo microscopes)
– Temperature and light controlled incubator for rising of fish embryos
– Fluorescence stereomicroscope for screening of embryos and larvae fish