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  • Generation of custom-made viral plasmid vectors (planning and cloning of new viral vectors)
  • Virus Production
  • Virus Quality Control (quantification and testing)


Viral Vectors

Recombinant adeno-associated viral particle (rAAV) (Prof. Dr. S. Schoch McGovern, Dr. K. van Loo)

To generate recombinant adeno-associated viruses different shuttle vector types can be used.

Available promoters: CMV, hSynapsin I, EF-1 alpha, CAG (CMV early enhancer/chicken beta actin), CamKII

Vector types:

  • Constitutive expression
  • Conditional expression (Cre-recombinase, Flp-recombinase)
  • Containing fluorescent marker proteins (as reporter, as fusion protein, separated by the 2A peptide sequence, or after an IRES sequence)
  • Knock-down

Serotypes:      Depending on the target cell type different serotypes of rAAV can be purified.