The Transgenic Service (TGS) is a core facility that provides services for generation, breeding, importing, and preserving genetically modified mice. The core provides its services at net cost price. Advice is provided at no charge!

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We provide the following procedures:

Standard DNA microinjection (pronucleus)

Crispr/Cas9 microinjection

Stem cell injection (morulae or blastocysts)

Mouse breeding

Embryo transfer

  • Rederivation
  • Strain import

Cryopreservation embryos / mouse sperm


  • Rederivation
  • Strain import

Biomolecular services

  • Generation of targeting constructs
  • BAC isolation and recombination
  • Generation of CRISPR guide RNAs

Please check for details our intranet web page TGS Intranet