The Core Facility „Transgenics“ provides services for generation, rederivation and preserving genetically modified mice. The core provides its services at net cost price for internal users. Advice is provided at no charge!

You need help or have got a question? The TGS can also help you to find the right Cre mouse line for your conditional knock out project.
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We provide the following services:

Standard DNA microinjection (pronucleus)

Crispr/Cas9 microinjection

Stem cell injection (morulae or blastocysts)







      Sanitation of mouse lines

Import of mice into the HET´s facility as well as maintenance and breeding of mouse lines demand a specified and standardized health status and strict precautions to prevent introduction of pathogens into the HET´s  animal facility. In case the heath status of a specific mouse lines does not match the requirements of the requested animal room in the HET, the TGS can sanitise your mouse line via embryo transfer or in-vitro fertilisation.

      Reactivation of mouse lines

In case a mouse line has quit its reproductive performance the TGS can help to reinstall the line via in-vitro fertilisation. This also applies for non-productive founder male mice.

      Biomolecular services

Generation of targeting constructs

BAC isolation and recombination