Our Services

Every project is distinct and sometimes even a specific adjustment of existing protocols, or the establishment of a different method will be needed. We are always happy to discuss and work together towards the optimum solution for your project. Just get in contact with us.

In the beginning of any sequencing project we provide you initial support in study design, where we discuss the possibilities and potential limitations of different protocols and give you a rough estimation on costs. For the following library preparation, we are happy to provide you our technical equipment and guide you in the practical work. If time permits, we can even do this part for you. However, the key element of our customer service is to perform the sequencing for you. Depending on your demand we will run your samples on the appropriate sequencer which fits best to your needs and expectations. Upon run completion raw data will be converted into fastq-format and placed on an FTP-server for download.

As the bioinformatics interpretation of your NGS data strongly rely on the scientific context, this is not part of our service. However, depending on the sequencing project we are sometimes able to provide you some additional help. For estimating the expression counts (currently limited to Lexogen protocols) we can offer you a basic analysis through our cooperator BlueBee free of charge. By uploading your pseudonymized NGS data (in the standard format fastq.) to the company┬┤s server you get an overview of the read numbers which have mapped to different transcripts. For all other analysis we can provide you with access to our CLC Biomedical Genomics Workbench Server, which is an easy to use solution with predefined protocols for most major NGS applications. If you want to use the software regularly you need to buy your own client license for a small fee.

Additionally, we are actually working, together with the Bioinformatics Core Facility on a more comprehensive in-house data analysis solution.