Guide Lines

If you are interested in raising nanobodies against specific proteins or other immunogens, please contact us through the web interface below. We can discuss the possible application of nanobodies for your research and determine which modifications or expression systems are of interest for you.

We need at least 2 mg of purified (soluble) protein lacking any fusion partners commonly used to increase solubility (GST, MBP, SUMO). Please provide any available information on the solubility of the protein in different buffer conditions. For the phage display itself, the target protein has to be immobilized to magnetic beads (typically biotinylated protein is immobilized to streptavidin beads; we have also successfully immobilized GST fusions to magnetic glutathione beads). If you happen to have proteins modified in such ways, please provide them as well.

If you do not have the protein in purified form and cannot acquire it commercially or through a collaborator, we can help you out with general expression and purification strategies and the respective vectors, but unfortunately cannot purify the protein for you.

We will provide a first batch of purified nanobody and can label a fraction of it with desired modifications such as biotin, organic fluorophores, or nanogold. More advanced modifications such as chelators for radionuclides or rare earths are possible, but need to be discussed in detail (and may need external help).