Flow cytometry core facilities are multi-user facilities where many different samples from various sources that may contain known or unknown human pathogens are investigated. The safety of facility personnel and user is of ultimate concern. Because many of the investigators visiting the Core work with mice as model organism, this biosafety questionary has to be answered if any known mouse pathogens or transforming agents are used in the experiment.

Information about the sample sources and potentially infectious agents is critical for effective biosafety measures. Consequently, this sample information form must be filled out completely and signed by the laboratory director who is requesting samples to be analysed or sorted in the flow cytometry core facility before projects are started. The same biosafety questionaire will be kept on file provided none of the information it contains has changed. (biosafety questionary .pdf download)

We remind you that we are not allowed to process material beyond biosafety level 1 (S1).


Development Core Facility Users: All other Users:
Analysis no charge 12 €/h (Canto)

15 €/h (Fortessa)

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no charge 80 €/h (assisted)

40€/h (unassisted)

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Core Facility Partners significantly contribute to the structure of the Core Facility, the development of techniques and the increase in knowledge in the field of Cytometry and related Sciences for the benefit of joint scientific projects. Expenses of the project are included in peer-reviewed funding or related cooperative projects, like for example the SFB 704 initiative.

Core Facility Users are members of the University of Bonn or Associates and have to contribute to the running costs of the Core Facility by internal cost allocation. Beside the access to the instrumentation of the core facility, they are given priority for training, service and assistance in design and interpretation of experiments by the Core Facility members as compared to other users.

All other users are all other users


Any formal presentations or publications resulting from work performed in the Core should be acknowledged and a reprint should be provided. Some instruments have been purchased from grants or other sources which also deserve acknowledgement. The following statement is suggested: “We would like to acknowledge the assistance of the Flow Cytometry Core Facility at the Institute of Experimental Immunology, Medical Faculty at the University of Bonn.”

For any details on the organisation or the design of future projects please contact Andreas Dolf