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Flow Cytometry Day 2017

Tuesday, August 1th 2017, 10:00am Lehrgebäude Hörsaal Flow Cytometry is in some way not a classical hard science. There are sometimes several ways to get the answer for the question you asked. However there...

Flow Cytometry Day 2014, 10. July

Following last years stimulating discussions, we once again invited eBioscience to give a series of lectures that cover some of the current and most recommended topics in flow cytometry. We start in the morning with the general introduction to flow cytometry and expand the Agenda to Multicolor, Data Aquisition, Apoptosis and Bead Based Assays. You can join us any time you like and there will be ample time for discussion during the sessions and the breaks. So here are the details.

Flowjo/Miltenyi Biotec Seminar, Tuesday 23. July, 2013

Flow cytometry software should enable you to extract fluorescence intensities, statistics and the correlation and hierarchy of sub-populations of cells instantaneously, thereby producing understandable and publishable graphical reports. Not to mention, that up to ten colours to identify your cells of interest among the five million, that you recorded, are no longer extraordinary. It takes advanced software engineering to make it simple. Among all the commercial software packages, Flowjo has proven during the years, that it can do …