MACS Quant: Introducing our newest Flow Cytometer


You might have asked yourself already: “What is this  bright orange and green machine with the illuminated reagent bottles standing next to the other analysers”. It is not a piece of modern art, it is a fully equipped flow cytometer, that provides some features, we missed in the core facility. It is a MACS Quant Analyser 10 from Miltenyi Biotec.

What we like about the machine is:

This instrument has 3 lasers and 8 fluorescence channels in addition to forward and side scatter detection. It can handle single sample tubes as well as 96 well plates. There is no need any more to transfer samples to the running tubes, which should minimize cell loss. It can add buffers or live/dead dyes directly to the samples before the samples are acquired. No need for counting beads, since it does absolut cell counting. And last but not least, you can start your experiment in the evening and there is no rushing back to the facility, because you forgot to shutdown the instrument. It does it automatically.

To sum it up. There is a lot of automation in the machine, that leave you more time, to focus on the design of your experiment and the analysis of your data. Just imagine how much time you spend watching flow cytometers to run their cleaning routine (Which is by the way still ultimately important for the rest of our machines).

For more questions and answers visit the Miltenyi Biotec product webpage, the video tutorials or the FAQ questions. Or contact us.