Web based training, what's out there

As usual you start with the entry in the Wikipedia Archives and already find some information on the manifold applications of flow cytometry. The article  links to the Powerpoint Presentation Archive of the Purdue university, which is an invaluable resource of information, also for the educators and to some nice, simplified animations of “how a flow cytometer works” for visual people like me. But there’s got to be more out there…

The Introduction

Some people still prefer printable versions of  introductions to flow cytometry, for example the Educational Guide in Flow Cytometry (from DAKO) or the  “Introduction to Flow Cytometry“, from Serotec, so that they can learn about flow cytometry wherever they go. Also highly recommended, as a full length introduction to flow cytometry “Practical Flow Cytometry 4th Edition“, by Howard Shapiro (BeckmanCoulter, you have to register). Not as thick as Howards book, but excellent for the beginners the online version of Michael Ormerods “Flow Cytometry – A Basic Introduction“.

The modern forms of learning Guides can be found as animations on the pages of  Invitrogen and BD Biosciences (also Online Presentations), some with a focus on specific applications (DNA Analysis, Immunocytometry Systems Application Notes ). Also BeckmanCoulter recently published some Training Material on the WEB. And last but not least J.P. Robinsons e-learning course on flow cytometry.

For those who love history “The invention of Cytometry, Mac Fulwyler” as a movie, or the lecture of Leonard A. Herzenberg as Kyoto Prize winner for “Outstanding contribution to life sciences with the development of a flow cytometer that uses fluorescent-labeled monoclonal antibodies”.

The Purdue Repository (J. P. Robinson)

A list of excellent presentation covering the whole range of basics in flow cytometry by Jean Paul Robinson (past president of ISAC and Mt. Everest conqueror)

No materials may be released to any publication organization, nor may these materials be distributed in any form without specific written permission of Professor Robinson. We normally give permission for use of these materials in academic institutions.

The violet laser and colors

The violet laser (Invitrogen), Multi colours in flow cytometry (BD Biosciences)


For daily life there is also support for the software packages we have in our facility (BD Biosciences FACS DiVa 6.0 Software online course). FlowJo Tutorials printed and online. ModFit DNA cell cycle analysis video tutorials.

As always, Compensation

List of Compensation Presentations by the New England Cytometry Group, the original Web Page from Mario Roederer about Compensation, and the live version of a discussion about compensation (presented by Tristar, FlowJo). Baseline Optimisation (BD White Paper)

Proliferation and Apoptosis:

Proliferation from the Anderson Center Flow Core, also some information from the FlowJo Technotes, and do not forget the online version of Michael Ormerods book on DNA analysis on flow cytometry. A short overview on techniques used for proliferation analysis and Apoptosis (Derek Davies, Cancer Research, UK) and presentations about apoptosis detection (Will Telford, NCI ETI Branch Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory)


A list of useful further reading and more from the Massachusetts General Hospital and useful links.

The spectra viewer  BD Biosciences, Invitrogen

The CD Charts: CD1-CD339 or the Wiki version

For the Advanced

For those who love to go into more detail, when you talk about Fluorescence (FRET): Fluorescent Spectra Graphing Page, home.jpg, PubSpectra